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Why we love supporting local businesses

Posted by Jodie Brown on 07-Sep-2017 16:13:30


Apart from being surrounded by fields stretching as far as the eye can see, saying hello to the occasional owl who swings by the office and being opposite a farm shop full to the brim with homemade cakes. One of the best things about TrueSpeed is being able to support other local businesses, and be an active member of the great communities we are lucky to have here in the South West.

Our rapidly growing office in Newton St Loe is a full team of local people stemming from Stowey to Stanton Drew, to Bristol, Bath and beyond! Which is fantastic when it comes to generating ideas of which local businesses and events we can support. The tricky part is deciding which one to support, so to avoid this conundrum TrueSpeed have decided to support an array of them…hooray!

One event we were inundated with volunteers all willing to work a weekend for is the fantastic Chew Valley Beer Festival. With roots similar to TrueSpeed (starting in a pub over a pint and steadily growing) the beer festival is a local hive of activity where breweries get to showcase their produce to celebrate all things beer! We’re the proud sponsors of the staff shirts which will be meandering through the crowds and pouring your perfect pints. Look out for the TrueSpeed logo on the shirts and you’ll know it’s an event we’ve personally hand picked to support as part of our contribution to promoting business in the South West.

Giant vegetables at the ready, we’re also gearing up to meet the people of the South West at the Chew Stoke Harvest Home show! If we’re not already front and centre at the dog show eagerly waiting to stroke all the pups passing our way, come and say hello at the TrueSpeed gazebo. We can chat broadband or just have a natter and meet some new faces while discussing just how enormous the pumpkins in the veg competition are this year!

Rounding off our sponsorship wagon, it is impossible to forget the Priston Festival with its plethora of bands and musicians taking to the stage. The talent is endless at this festival from five piece bands, singer songwriters and meet and greets with literary geniuses and we are a proud main sponsor of this talent filled event!

We’re sure it’s not just us who are genuinely excited about how many great businesses are right on our doorsteps! Beer festivals, locals shows and performing arts festivals are just the tip of the forever expanding ice-burg of activities that are taking place, so if you know of any events we can get support in any way possible we’d love to hear from you. 

We can’t promise we can get to all of them, but from one member of the community to another we look forward to supporting each other along the way. So on that note, we’re popping across to Newton Farm Shop for another slice of cake!

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