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Why TrueSpeed and why now?

Posted by Jodie Brown on 25-Sep-2017 17:17:44


So let's face it, there are loads of different Internet Service Providers out there, and we often get asked what is the difference between TrueSpeed and everyone else? So as we  listen to our customers here at TrueSpeed, we’ve listed just a few things that set us apart from the competition.

As our customers are local to us, take Bishop Sutton for example, we popped together a list of providers that are currently available so you can see what bang you are really getting for your buck!

We chose a nice focal point of the Bishop Sutton Village Hall (BS39 5XQ)* so you can see what prices and speeds are currently available in the area:  

• BT: £29.99 for ‘Up to’ 17Mb/s
• Sky: £15.00 for new customers for ‘Up to’ 17Mb/s
• Talk Talk: £19.99 for 'Up to' 17Mb/s with an estimated 1-4Mb/s
• Plus Net: £13.95 for estimated 1-3Mb/s 
• BT fibre (currently unavailable in Bishop Sutton as the fibre cabinet is full): £44.99 for        ‘Up to’ 76 Mb/s – estimated around 35Mb/s

*all prices are as of 25th of September 2017 with each company’s online quotes, using the postcode BS39 5XQ 

So you’ll see there are a lot of ‘Up to’s‘ banded about here, but what does 'Up to' actually mean and why can it be misleading?

'Up to' speeds means that this is the top speed you can get from your provider. The speeds you receive will change and drop depending on the time of day, where you live and how far away from the internet cabinet you are - yet you are expected to pay the same price no matter what speeds you actually get – bit annoying right?!

For example, it’s really common to get around 1-4Mb/s even when you have an 'Up to' speed of 17Mb/s (around 23% of what you're actually paying for). To break it down, having ‘Up To’ speeds is an unreliable broadband connection which companies often use to get a contract, but you’ll often find you’ll then be stuck in a 12-24 month contract with speeds you have no control over. Now raise this to a super annoying right!!

TrueSpeed, however, are different, we only offer minimum speeds not 'Up to', meaning you are guaranteed to get what you pay for - no matter where you live or what time of the day it is. We can also simply turn up your speeds if you ever wanted more! We can guarantee this as we give you your own fibre connection, and don't make you share with loads of other properties.

For some customers, a TrueSpeed contract will cost a bit more than what they’re currently paying, but to make things simple, we’ve listed just how different our service is so you can see exactly what you’re getting for your money. (We charge £47.50 per month by the way)

On top of ultrafast internet, meaning you can stream TV and movies instantly (saving you having to pay for things like Sky or BT TV), we can offer you a different and reliable service: 

• Everyone pays the same for the same reliable service and speeds

• We won’t charge for coming out to see you no matter how small the problem

• We are honest and open and won’t put your prices up at any point throughout your      contract

• We will add value to your property (between 1-5% of the property value) so if in the future you're looking to sell, your house will be worth more. People are also more likely to buy a house with reliable internet which is a great bonus for you and your community

• We are local and can work with you to get issues fixed within four working days maximum (other providers can take as long as they like!)

• We’re future proof - while your internet may be good enough now, it won’t be in the future as technology will demand higher internet speeds to work properly. Our service is gigabit capable so when the time comes, we simply turn up the speed!

• TrueSpeed will connect the local primary and secondary school and village hall to free broadband for life when a village goes live.


Tempted? We thought so, you can complete your TrueSpeed Online Service Order Form using the link really is that simple!


So guys, if you take nothing else away from this blog just remember these two simple things:

1. Don’t be fooled by the ‘Up to’ speeds as you and your community deserve truly better broadband.

2. TrueSpeed is a future proof, reliable service that guarantees its 100Mb/s speeds that will benefit both you and your community for years to come

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