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What to expect from a TrueSpeed Q&A

Posted by Jodie Brown on 30-Aug-2017 12:18:05


So you’ve overheard the chat about TrueSpeed in the pub, delved into the Facebook conversations exploring the possibility of ultrafast broadband coming your village (Hallelujah!) and have been intrigued by your invitation to a TrueSpeed Question and Answer event at the village hall. But, why you ask, am I going to leave the casserole in the oven, take off the slippers and shuffle on down to the hall to hear a sales pitch from a broadband company?

Well, let us break down what actually happens in a Q&A session and make that choice of popping on down and seeing what it’s all about that much easier.

Probably the most important element of the Q&A Events (and one which you will be delighted to hear) is we’re not here to make you sit through a sleazy two hour sales pitch where a slick haired, three-piece suited salesman rams un-relatable facts down your throat before cornering you on your way out to hand over your credit card details. This is not what TrueSpeed are about - thank goodness!

What you can expect, is for our Community Engagers to clearly explain who TrueSpeed are (a local Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Infrastructure Company - just as a heads up) and how we can benefit your community through installing an ultrafast, fibre-to-the-property internet connection.

We’re here to speak with your community face to face and answer the burning questions you have about what it actually means to be part of future-proof broadband. Our Community Engagers are there to walk you through the TrueSpeed journey and make things as simple as possible so you can let us know your community is ready to have the service brought to your area.

We understand the mind can boggle when trying to figure out the difference between a gigabit, a gigabyte, megabits and all the other technical jargon that's floating around out there. So, we incorporate videos into the Q&A Event that  explain what you’ll actually be receiving from TrueSpeed and you'll hear from villages that are already connected.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 16.01.17.png

In cliff-notes, we cover the below topics before opening up the floor for you to ask the Community Engager any questions you may still have. Therefore you can leave the event being crystal clear on how TrueSpeed can benefit your community through superior internet connection.

The difference ultrafast fibre broadband can make to your home and work life

What the term fibre-to-the-premises means and the benefits

Our packages and the differences

What our gigabit network is really capable of

The ease of switching to TrueSpeed

Telephone packages and ultrafast line rental included

A local ISP who actually comes to your community to answer your questions in person…who ever thought you’d see the day!


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