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We are the champions...the TrueSpeed champions!

Posted by Jodie Brown on 26-Jan-2018 16:01:38

So apart from Queen’s iconic ‘We Are The Champions’…what do you think of when you hear the word champion?

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We asked this question to the TrueSpeed team, and just a few things that were thrown out were Winner, Influencer, Determined, Dynamic, Visionary and our personal favourite…Numero Uno! A whole host of ideas can be thrown into the honey pot of adjectives to describe what makes a champion, but the big question is…..are you one?!


You may not have been crowned the champion of your primary school sports day (speaking from experience here), but TrueSpeed is on the hunt for broadband champions across the South West. So, if you think you have what it takes to be a champion for your area and genuinely make a difference to your community, we want to hear from you!


A TrueSpeed broadband champion is someone who is passionate and truly understands the benefits of bringing ultrafast, gigabit capable, full fibre broadband to their community. Broadband can be a mind-boggling topic with all the technical jargon that’s banded around, so the power of a friendly face who is known and trusted in the community is something that goes a long way when it comes to uniting a community in signing up to something that could change their online world forever. We’ve worked with many champions before, and they play an instrumental role in speeding up the process of areas reaching their target threshold. Now, this isn’t to say our TrueSpeed Community Engagement Mangers are hard-nosed salesmen who don’t brilliantly engage with the communities they work with, nor will they put their feet up, pop down to the pub and leave our champions to do the hard work and reap the glory of getting a community over the 30% threshold.


 Take Community Engagement Manager Will for example…doesn’t exactly scream stuffy salesman now does he - thank goodness that’s not what we’re aiming for


Communities respond really well to seeing a friendly face working in conjunction with us, it’s just another element that goes along with TrueSpeed’s local, community driven ethos and helps re-iterate that we support the nuances of every community we work with. We’re here to connect the community to ultrafast, truly reliable broadband and are champions are a big part of how we do that.


So what exactly does being a broadband champion involve we hear you say? Well in essence, you’ll be building awareness, helping folk understand what is available to them and encouraging sign ups in your community. We don’t have strict guidelines of how this is done but often involves you using word of mouth to spread the word, attending events we’ll be hosting for your community and sometimes popping round to your neighbours to chat with them face to face about what TrueSpeed can do for them. But don’t worry, you will have spoken with your designated Community Engagement Manager who’ll show you the TrueSpeed ropes and be provided with promotional material before going out into the community. A community can have more than one champion, so you can always team up with other champions and speak to your town or village together. It’s also a great way to bring communities together. We’ve attended many a champions event and have learnt first-hand how unifying & enjoyable it can be.


As well as helping get you and your community connected as quickly as possible, we’ll also throw in a little bonus for our champions when they achieve 15 sign ups from their area. We’ll give you an extra 300Mb/s of speed for no extra cost – so you’ll get a whopping 500Mb/s instead of the base 200Mb/s for the duration of your contract at no extra cost whatsoever. Just as a little thank you for all your hard work!


To find out more about becoming a broadband champion, just visit our website using the link below


If you’d like to speak to us about becoming a champion, feel free to give us a call on 01225 300370 or ping us an email at and we’ll put you in touch with your Community Engagement Manager.

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