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Valentine's Day...Are You A Lover Or A Hater?

Posted by Jodie Brown on 14-Feb-2018 10:37:40

Valentine’s Day…it’s like marmite, you either love it or hate it.

A mass of pink and red swarms across shops as far as the eye can see, heart nosed teddy bears start popping up and hundreds of cards with full poetry verses written inside make their appearance. These scenes undoubtedly either fill you with warm fuzzies, or make you groan disapprovingly whilst eye rolling spectacularly at the mere sight of it all.IMG_9074.jpg

(Everyone loves puppies and flowers so we've crammed as many Valentine's themed photos into this blog as possible...enjoy!)

 However, whether you’re a lover or a hater, there’s one thing that mutually connects all of us on this day of celebrating St Valentine and his tragic story of helping star-crossed lovers in their quests to become betrothed. And that our TrueSpeed friends, is we’re all allowed a day of pure, guilt free indulgence! Single or attached, it’s a great excuse to really treat ourselves – now that really is a win win situation! Whether it’s ordering an obscene amount of pizza with the girls and watching rom com’s galore on Netflix, enjoying a meal out with that special someone before curling up at home with the chrome cast, or simply having some quality time with Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough in front of your favourite box set, any indulgences on V-day are totally guilt free!


There is one thing that puts a dampener on things though, which when we set the scene we’re sure everyone can relate to. So just imagine, you’re full to bursting from eating your body weight in heart shaped truffles, you’ve imprinted yourself onto the sofa for the evening (stampeding wildebeest's wouldn’t move you from your deepest sofa crevice at this stage), searched through the TV to confirm there is nothing watchable on, subsequently moved onto Netflix, spent 15 minutes arguing about what to watch before finally agreeing on something, and then it happens…. the buffering wheel of doom appears out of nowhere.


It seems you, along with the rest of Britain have chosen a peak time to watch a movie. You heave yourself out of the sofa to re-set the router, pause for 10 minutes waiting for it to buffer and pray for a smooth viewing session, all for it to happen again 3 minutes down the line. So instead of an uninterrupted viewing session, it’s all now just a bit awkward and you’re stuck watching Holby City…pretty romantic right?!


But not to fear, these modern day but all very real problems can be a thing of the past. TrueSpeed can guarantee you won’t have to worry about the buffering wheel of doom with your own, uncontended line straight into your property. You can stream high definition movies and box sets until your heart's content, and simultaneously scroll through Facebook if you’ve been forced into watching an unappetising Hugh Grant movie on Valentine’s day, or any day really!


We can certainly help in the smooth running of your Valentine’s plans (well the broadband bit anyway) so register your interest using the link below and you could soon be enjoying all that ultrafast, 200Mb/s internet has to offer!



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