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Goodbye January blues, hello positivity! 

Posted by Jodie Brown on 01-Feb-2018 16:54:56



January is a funny month… jammed full of New Year’s resolutions, empty wine glasses and a distinct lack of carbs, it’s no wonder the January blues affect so many of us and is why we tend to rejoice when the first of February rolls around. It’s almost as if that odd starter month has gone and we can really get into the swing of things now that we’ve finally come to terms with Christmas and New Year being over. We can actually start focusing on what the year will bring and what we’d like to achieve now we’ve burnt off the turkey and have got our grooves back.


After many a TrueSpeed lunch time deliberation session about whether to go to the gym or sack it off and rummage through the last of the January sales, it crops up time and time again why we feel forced into accomplishing so many personal goals in the first month of the New Year? Why are we pressured into believing all our personal gains must happen by the 31st or we’ll succumb to being the same old person we were circa 2017?


Well, after chatting to a fair few people (all as a distraction to avoid going to the gym) we found here at TrueSpeed we aren’t the only ones thinking we should take a more holistic approach to our goals, and spread some milestones throughout the year. When we start looking ahead, it’s exciting about what can be done when the timing is good and ready. For example, TrueSpeed are currently doing the ground work to connect 5,000 homes in the South West in quarter one this year. It’s not something that can happen overnight nor can it be squeezed in before the first of February, good things sometimes do take time to get right so why not enjoy the ride so the end goal is that much sweeter when it arrives.


Whether it’s health goals, career aspirations or personal accomplishments, we think we could all do with being a little easier on ourselves, and take our time to put in the proper ground work to reach our goals. The post Christmas rush to become an entirely bigger, better, well rounded person is something that quite frankly gets us down rather than empowering ourselves don’t you think? So we’ve decided to adopt a more long term positivity mind set for 2018, from the little things to the big things. For example, we want to connect 5,000 in quarter one but long term we’re aiming to connect 75,000 homes throughout the South West. So let's enjoy the small victories we have along the way that help us reach our goals, whether they come in March, July or September we can all celebrate our milestones as and when they come. A Sunday roast enjoyed with family and friends isn’t going to set us back infinitely when working on becoming healthier, so let’s ditch the guilt, enjoy the memories and continue with our goals untarnished tomorrow!


So as we look to the year ahead with our minds set on full positivity mode, we hope you’ll join us on our journey of celebrating accomplishments when they happen. That you enjoy your victories as and when they happen and most of all leave the January blues behind us and look to what the rest of 2018 has to bring. So whilst we’re at it, we may as well enjoy that chocolate digestive…would be rude not to at this point!


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