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Are we losing our young talented generation because of poor broadband?

Posted by Jodie Brown on 04-Oct-2017 16:33:10

 “We’re losing creative, intelligent young minds from the valley because they don’t have the resources they need” – Matthew Bush, Stowey Resident


We have to admit that with its picturesque views and lively community hub, we are among the lucky few who can call the South West our home. With high performing primary and secondary schools and a multitude of family friendly clubs and activities available all year round, it’s no wonder parents are choosing this area of the UK to raise their families.

Coupled with TrueSpeed connecting local primary and secondary schools, to FREE FOR LIFE ultrafast broadband when communities reach their 30% threshold, educational services in the South West are excelling. Unsurprisingly, much of this improvement is down to better access to online resources for teachers and pupils. With coding lessons, touch typing, internet safety and skyping across continents all becoming part of curriculums, the mind boggles at what can be achieved in IT lessons these days. With these skills being taught at a young age, the next generation is a technologically savvy, bright and motivated pool of talent.



The problem is, whenour youngsters come running out of school all geared up to practicetheir new-fangled IT skillsat home, the only thing they get when trying to access theinternet, is a buffering wheel. It’s easy to assume these problems only affect stressed out GCSE’ers, but even our youngest budding tech geniuses are finding it hard to cope with the lack of internet at home.

Take Dewi for example, a pupil at Backwell School with a passion for IT who is struggling with poor internet at home in the Chew Valley. “It’s annoying because loads of my homework is on the computer. I have to research stuff online for lessons and it’s really hard to do the things my teacher asks like practice for IT. Then when I’m in lessons it's hard because my friends can sometimes do things quicker than me on the computer because they’ve been able to practice”. Who knows what profession young Dewi will end up in, but surely we can help him and his friends spread their wings by giving them the tools to carry out their homework?! 


The hard fact of the matter is, having poor broadband is affecting the education of our children. From the youngest tech enthusiasts to young adults, they’re not reaching their full potential because they can't access the internet. "It’s no wonder they fly the nest to cities where they have an opportunity to shine" - Dewi's mum. Just imagine what this generation could bring to the South West. The business start-ups that can be done from home, the fresh minds going into existing businesses and medical professionals being able to carry out their independent learning so they can keep on top of their game.


When we put all this into perspective, it’s not surprising we’re losing our local talent to other areas where they can utilise their skills. But, WE CAN do something about it – we can give our families the tools they need to excel and give them the opportunity to choose where they want to base themselves later in life.

TrueSpeed can provide the infrastructure that the South West so desperately needs. Reliable, ultrafast and future-proof broadband could be with you sooner than you think and all it takes is a few simple steps. So let's get you connected!


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