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All fibre is the same right?.....Wrong!

Posted by Jodie Brown on 12-Dec-2017 14:52:22

“All fibre is the same, so why should I pay more for some fibre broadband when I can pay twenty quid for the exact same thing somewhere else?!”


This question is something that crops up like clockwork here at TrueSpeed, and we’re pretty certain it’s something you’ve thought about as well. So, to put all your busy minds at ease, we’ve decided to break down the fibre myths that are flying around out there.

With ‘fibre broadband' adverts splashed here there and everywhere, it’s easy to think all fibre is exactly the same and will guarantee reliable and identical speeds…unfortunately it’s not quite as simple as this. Although advertised as ‘fibre’ there are two distinct types of service that come under the collective name ‘fibre’, so don’t be led astray into thinking everything is as simple as it seems at first glance.  

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Fibre-To-The-Cabinet (FTTC)

Techradar explains that most fibre connections to your home come from the local cabinet (the big green boxes you often see at the edge of roads). The fibre comes from the telephones exchange and then goes to the cabinet where it terminates. The connection is then pushed through existing copper-cables (which isn’t fiber-optic cabling) into your property from the cabinet. Multiple houses will be connected via the cabinet meaning the internet is split between all the properties that have their connections in the cabinet, before the copper wires take it to your property. So, in essence the fibre is brought closer to your home, but the use of copper cabling from the cabinet to your property means you don’t have full fibre. Techradar also states that most FTTC connections offer speeds of ‘Up To’ 38Mb/s or 76Mb/s and drop-outs during peak times are a common issue.


Fibre-To-The-Premise (FTTP)

As defined by Techradar, the future of broadband connectivity is Fibre-To-The-Premise broadband. As it’s a brand new infrastructure, there are still relatively few connections available so those who are currently using this method, are at the forefront of broadband technology. Fibre-To-The-Premises connections deliver 100% guaranteed high speed fibre directly into every property, no copper cabling, no drop outs and absolutely no sharing of cabinets. Fibre-To-The-Premises broadband doesn’t work off ‘Up To’ speeds which fluctuate depending on how many people in the community are using the internet at one time. Instead, the fully fibre-optic cable that goes into each property, serves the property with reliable, guaranteed speeds no matter the time of day and how many people are using the internet.


Another common issue in the fibre broadband world, is some companies will install fibre-optic cable but still require multiple properties to be connected via the same cable. This means that users will experience ‘contention’ as peak times. Contention is when the internet slows down due to the number of people using the internet at one time, and means that properties will receive much lower speeds than they should. This is because multiple properties are sharing the same cable, whereas TrueSpeed guarantees each home has its own full fibre cable…so you can wave goodbye to contention!


As you can see there are different types of fibre, which understandably have different pricing points. Fibre-To-The-Premises is a completely separate infrastructure to Fibre-To-The-Cabinet but it’s an easy line to blur. So in essence, yes you will pay less for some ‘fibre’ but it’s not full fibre so it won’t cost as much, and you probably will pay a bit more for full fibre simply because it’s a superior product.

So you can see exactly what bang you’re getting for your buck, we’ve popped together a comparison chart of some pricing for full fibre, ultrafast broadband.

 Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 14.44.23.png


There’s loads of tech jargon out there and it’s easy to get tangled up in all the ‘fibre’ adverts that are banded around, so before you sign up just make sure you know exactly what you’re in for. Check out the speeds you’ll actually be receiving, ask providers how far away from the cabinet you’ll be, see if they use copper cables in their product and if they experience drop outs. Be broadband savvy before you sign on the dotted line and we guarantee you and your family will be glad you did!


To join the ultrafast, full fibre broadband revolution you can sign up to TrueSpeed using the link below!


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