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5 things that make gamers want to throw their controllers across the room

Posted by TrueSpeed on 03-May-2017 14:38:19

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  1. LagWe’ve all been there when playing online. Stealthily sneaking up on the enemy team when all of a sudden your internet decides to drop and you’re just stuck there, in the middle of the enemy base camp, vulnerable, while the internet tries to catch up on itself. Awkward.
  2. LoadingThe moment when you’re sat there waiting to load into the game for AGES while your friends are already loaded into it and have carried on ahead because the game starts when the first person loads in. Yes I’m looking at you Borderlands. So you just miss out on all the XP and are running a mile behind everyone trying to catch up. Internet, please.
  3. Dealing with other playersLoud, rude kids who are clearly too young to play the game, mic spammers and rude players. Just some examples of people you play against online who just make you want to tear your hair out. Please, just leave.
  4. QuittersWhat’s worse than losing horribly in a match? When your team mates abandon you because they can’t deal with losing and you’re just left to carry the entire team. BY YOURSELF. Thanks, so much for sticking by your “team mates”.
  5. Online patches/updateAfter a long day, you come home, kick off your shoes and settle down to play your favourite game. You’ve told your mates you’ll be online to join them in a minute. You open the game and there’s a massive update. 3 hours remaining. No...

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